Use vouchers while going shopping online

A newly carried out survey has indicated that 4 out of every 5 online buyers make use of the vouchers while shopping. An online consumer who stores regularly using online portals prepares well ahead and seeks out vouchers prior to clicking on the pay option.

The study conducted by online discount coupon website Shop Pirate Coupons reveals that coupons are the greatest draw amongst online buyers, checked out a statement. This study has likewise clarified the fact that Indians in the age group of 25-34 are the biggest users of coupons.

Discount coupons 'big' draw amongst online consumers

If you are somebody who shops online without utilizing vouchers, hesitate. A just recently conducted survey indicates that 4 from every 5 online buyers prepare ahead and seek out promo codes before they purchase any service or product online flipkart coupons.

The research study conducted by online coupon website Shop Pirate Coupons reveals that promo codes are the greatest draw among online shoppers, checked out a statement. According to the study, Indians in the age of 25-34 are the greatest users of coupons. The reason being that they are the most tech-savvy and have greater disposable income. At the exact same time, they aim to save even on extravagant spending.


Wegmans launches online vouchers

Wegmans Food Markets Inc. announced to its Shoppers Club clients by means of e-mail that it will launch Shoppers Club digital vouchers later on this year. Digital coupons are paperless coupons where customers can search online and clip directly to a Shoppers Club account to redeem at checkout.

Wegmans will pilot Wegmans Shoppers Club digital promo codes in its Rochester-area and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, shops starting in June, with a date to be determined, stated spokeswoman Jo Natale.


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